How to develop and increase your community on Instagram?

community on Instagram

Find your niche and your specialty

Unless you are a star of the small screen or the cinema, it will be difficult to gain subscribers and therefore success by simply taking selfies in front of the mirror. You’re going to need a real niche, something more than the rest to be successful on Instagram. Do you have a specialty? A passion ? A particularity ? Fantastic ! If you talk about it, it will help you find your audience naturally , because you will need real added value among the multitude of new accounts launched every day on Instagram.

To increase your number of subscribers you will have to  be regular in your content . That’s why Influence4You strongly recommends that you make your Instagram account according to your specialty or passion. If you don’t travel often, it’s going to be very difficult to fund a travel and hotel account. Regularity is the key, the ideal being to post 2 publications per week, in addition to several stories each day, real ones and lives.

Optimize the use of hashtags

Instagram has its own search engine. Very powerful, allowing users to find content that may appeal to them and correspond to them. For this the use of hashtags is essential to naturally increase its visibility on Instagram. The more relevant and numerous hashtags you use, in connection with your account and in connection with your content, the more other Internet users will be likely to find you.

Interaction is key

Regarding your already established community, it is also very important to  encourage discussion, by making posts with open questions, leaving room for debate, exchange, writing comments, etc. You also need to know your audience. Who are your most loyal followers? Those who like your posts almost all the time, those who message you very often or comment on you almost every time. Feel free to take a moment and check out their profile, so maybe you can understand who they are and what they like. Answer them every time! They are the ones who will be able to share your profile, talk about it around them, and help you grow your community!

If you interact often by responding to private messages, comments but also by watching stories and commenting yourself, the Instagram algorithm will understand that you are a relay of engagement, that people communicate with you, that your account is active, that you present . Your account will then be highlighted and you will be able to gain visibility, develop your community and gain subscribers.

 Make collaborations

If you have an account with still few subscribers, it would be very relevant  to collaborate with influencers , with the same target audience, in order to benefit from their audience.

Choose your collaborators: The ideal is to choose collaborators who will be within a range of 50% of subscribers (more or less) compared to yours. If you have 800 subscribers, the target collaborator will therefore be between 400 and 1200 subscribers. Targeting an influencer with fewer followers than you will get you some rejections but will still be useful. If after the collaboration you even manage to gain 10% of the collaborator’s audience at 1200 subscribers, that will make you 120 more subscribers or 15% of your total audience, not negligible, right? ?

There are multiple possible collaborations, you can  share the story of an influencer  you have chosen, he can do the same with you. You can also mention it in a story and vice versa. The ideal being the “physical” collaboration, that is to say  a post like a photo together or a live in the form of an interview . But this is not always possible in terms of organization. In any case, you should know that the possibilities are numerous and that you can easily canvass other influencers. This will also allow you to chat with other Instagrammers and discuss your techniques and issues. It’s a winner.

Organize a contest

Organizing a contest on Instagram is a great way to create engagement but above all to increase your number of subscribers very quickly. You can choose to offer a service or a product. All you have to do is put your conditions in your publication. The most seen and the most consistent is to request a subscription to your account to participate. If you use the right hashtags and people tag their friends in numbers to have more chances of winning, the number of followers can increase very quickly. The higher the value of the gain, the greater the number of subscribers will be in general.

Be careful though, this technique is a double-edged sword: fans of contests on Instagram, who only use the social network for that, will tend to unsubscribe as soon as you have announced the winner to follow other contests. You can then lose many subscribers. For the rest, it’s up to you to hang them with your content!

What about buying followers on Instagram?

Some tutorials or guides found online will recommend you do this, but Influence4You strongly advises against it . Why ? Because what counts mainly to develop your community on Instagram and obtain collaborations with interesting brands is commitment! So yes, buying followers by the thousands is going to get your count up very quickly, but those people are robot accounts, otherwise known as ‘bots’, who are never going to engage with your posts. Having 1,000 subscribers but 4 likes will really do you no good and will on the contrary arouse suspicion about your activity. Your credibility will then be seriously endangered and it will then be difficult for you to move forward on the social network.

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