Best cloud vps hosting companies in 2023

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 Cloud VPS hosting is definitely an upgrade to consider.


MilesWeb emerges as the 2nd prominent cloud VPS hosting service provider,known for its innovative solutions. Endorsed by the co-founder of Joomla, the second-largest open-source CMS globally, MilesWeb positions itself as a hosting solution with distinct offerings.

Diving into MilesWeb’s low cost VPS hosting, the emphasis lies on full management. Once you subscribe to one of their windows VPS server, their team of experts takes charge of configuration, optimization, and maintenance. This approach allows you to redirect your time and efforts towards your business without the hassle of managing hosting intricacies.

MilesWeb stands out in the storage department, utilizing enterprise-grade SSD NVMes. This choice ensures exceptional site load times, a crucial factor in delivering a seamless user experience.

When it comes to data security, MilesWeb includes a complimentary daily website backup in all its plans. This means your data is backed up regularly, providing a safety net for your digital assets.

Discussing about their plan’s configuration, they offer a 1 Gbps network speed, a dedicated IP address, and a network of 30 + global data centers. And the plans start at $5 per month.

1. Scala Accommodation

Hosting Scala is an innovative hosting provider, recommended by the co-founder of Joomla, the second open source CMS (content management system) in the world.

Fully Managed VPS — Once you purchase one of the managed cloud VPS plans, you won’t have to do anything. ScalaHosting’s team of experts will configure, optimize and maintain every aspect of your hosting service, so you can focus your time and energy on your business.

Enterprise-grade SSDs — Scala uses enterprise-grade SSDs, which the hosting company delivers exceptional site load times

1 Free Daily Website Backup in All Plans — Scala does not include more than 1 free daily website copy in any of its cloud VPS plans. This means that the cloud VPS host keeps backups of your data only within the last 1 hours. However, you have the option to increase this limitation by purchasing 24 or 3 daily website backups for $7 or $3 respectively.

2. Liquid Web

liquid web cloud vps hosting

Fully managed, cloud-based liquid web VPS hosting is ideal for you if you are looking for reliable hosting with strong root access. This hosting service strikes a balance between the power of the dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting.

Fast SSD Storage — Liquid Web uses solid-state drives (SSDs) for the data storage needs of its cloud-based VPS customers. SSDs offer many advantages over HDDs, but the most important are speed and longevity. SSDs have faster boot times and are faster during read and write operations. They also tend to last longer; their average lifespan is 2 million hours against 1.5 million hours of hard disks.

100% Network and Power Uptime SLA — As a Liquid Web VPS Hosting user, you will enjoy 100% guaranteed network uptime and power, thanks to the service level (SLA) of the host.

3. Inter Server

Full control over your website(s) — Once you become the owner of an InterServer cloud VPS hosting plan, you will gain full root access to your server, which means you can install the configuration and operating system of your choice without having to wait for the green light from the host.

High-performance SSD storage — InterServer uses solid-state drives (SSDs) that are 20 times faster than standard SATA (serial Advanced Technology Attachment) drives.

4. Site Ground

Fully Managed Service — As an owner of an SG cloud hosting plan, you won’t have to worry about setting up, managing, and monitoring your cloud account. SiteGround’s experts will take care of that for you so you can focus on other important day-to-day activities.

Easy Scaling + Auto-Scaling Option — Like many other hosting companies, SiteGround allows its cloud hosting users to manually upgrade their plans at any time. Once you select the additional CPU cores, RAM or storage space, the additional resources will be immediately added to your package without rebooting or downtime. What sets SG apart from (most) of the crowd is the auto-scaling option. You can configure automatic scaling for your cloud’s CPU and RAM to handle unexpected traffic spikes.

This network has more than 150 locations and its main objective is to increase the speed of your site for visitors from different parts of the world. It achieves this by caching your web content, automatically minimizing images, blocking malicious traffic, and reducing spam.

5. Camera

High Availability and Performance — Kamatera has 13 purpose-built, premium data centers across 4 continents to provide customers with exceptional uptime and performance. Some of them are located in Toronto, Santa Clara, New York, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong.

Fast processors — Kamatera uses blazingly fast Intel Xeon Platinum/Cascade Lake processors that deliver up to 3x more power per processor than previous generations.

99.95% uptime guarantee — Although some of its competitors offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, Kamatera does very well on this front. The 99.95% server uptime guarantee means that your sites will not be operational and accessible online for approximately 4.5 hours per year. It is not bad at all.

Infinitely scale up and down — Kamatera’s cloud servers can be self-provisioned and self-configured. This is how your cloud infrastructure can support the growth of your websites or you can avoid paying for resources that your sites cannot consume. Simply log in to your cloud management console, change server capacity, and see the changes instantly reflected in your bills.

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