Why use a VPS server?

VPS server

Do you want to have your own dedicated server to host a website or even launch a Web application? Unfortunately, this possibility requires a large investment. However, there is a solution: opt for VPS, a much less expensive hosting alternative .

The virtual private server , better known by the acronym VPS refers to a virtual server. This virtual server makes web hosting possible just like a traditional physical server. Excellent compromise between shared hosting and hosting with your own dedicated server, find out below the main reasons to use a VPS server .

VPS server

Shared hosting and dedicated hosting: understanding the interest of VPS

There are different web hosting solutions. It is then possible to opt for shared hosting or, on the contrary, dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting uses the same physical server for all the websites which then share the resources (internal memory, computing power, hard disk space, etc.). This type of hosting is thus limited in terms of performance even if it represents the least expensive hosting solution on the market.

Dedicated hosting involves owning the entire server for yourself. You then benefit from exclusive access to the entire physical server to offer higher performance. However, the cost of this solution is significant.

The advantage of VPS , halfway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, is therefore to benefit from better performance without spending too much money. The VPS indeed compartmentalizes the physical server so that each user can take advantage of a dedicated server without sharing with other users.

What are the features of a VPS?

The functionalities of a VPS are multiple. Thus, a VPS can be useful in many situations depending on the projects to be carried out within your company.

have a VPN server.

When it comes to hosting your site, VPS is ideal for being able to handle heavy traffic . If your site starts to become popular, a shared server may indeed become unsuitable for hosting thousands of visitors. Apart from launching your web applications, your VPS can also allow you to test new applications without losing too much money.

Beyond the strictly professional world, the VPS can also be used to own your own Minecraft, Counter Strike or Rust server. Thus, you have a central point to be able to play with your friends. The VPS also allows you to take advantage of an OpenVPN instance to secure your information when connecting to a public WiFi network or to benefit from a foreign IP address. The VPS finally allows you to take advantage of secondary storage for your data.

Who is VPS for?

A VPS is especially for people and businesses looking for a custom hosting solution but don’t have the budget to own a regular dedicated server (or just don’t want to spend that much money on it) .

The VPS is addressed as follows:

companies experiencing significant visitor traffic on their website;

professionals wishing to have access to the console to install software (Ruby, Node, etc.);

medium-sized companies looking for an economical alternative to the classic server.

Small businesses or users who do not encounter a lot of traffic on their website can be quite content with shared or shared hosting. On the other hand, from the moment a company has an important Web project (online store, community site, etc.), the virtual dedicated server becomes the ideal solution.

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