Developing trustworthy software, a growing importance

trustworthy software

The use of software is increasingly increased both in professional and personal daily life. It starts with various and varied applications through the operating systems installed in smartphones. In addition, the health crisis due to Covid has acted in such a way as to accelerate the pace of software development . However, in view of this acceleration, the reliability of the software created sometimes raises doubts. Today, technologies referring to automation and artificial intelligence are an integral part of everyday life in almost all areas of activity. Faced with this proliferation of technology, there is a question that often comes up: is all software trustworthy?

Understand software and how it works

Having become essential everyday tools, softwareoccupy an increasingly vast space in the lives of human beings. A relationship between the two then sets in, but is imbued with a certain complexity. Indeed, it often happens that we are suspicious of software in this case when their understanding and use appear difficult. In addition, these technological tools are generally endowed with great power which can make things a little more opaque in relation to users. Software may seem dangerous if it creates a certain distance between itself and those who use it. Based on this observation, it becomes essential and important to develop software that is easy to use and understandable for everyone.

There is no magic potion, but a principle of software development : provide the software with a clear, easily understandable function that meets a particular need. Based on this principle, it is obvious that the software will be adapted more easily by users who will place more trust in it. Furthermore, if the function of the tool incorporates an essential element linked to the simplification of certain tasks of daily life, then it will become indispensable and therefore necessarily trustworthy. Of course all software does not have to be limited to a single process or a single function, it can be developed according to a more advanced configuration.

The importance of reliable software in the field of finance

Develop softwarein the field of finance essentially allows the optimization of a certain number of recurring and manual tasks which do not decline added value or in any case little. This configuration in turn enables the strengthening of the entire closing process. This is intelligent automation. Turning now to connectivity, it is important to point out that the increased use of software in the various functions of a company undoubtedly requires a considerable degree of integration. Otherwise, the company may find itself faced with a difficult choice: to use excellent software but declining the lack of interoperability or to opt for a solution adapted to its other applications but not necessarily to all its needs.

Improve user experience and establish software security

Users tend to opt for software that is simple and easy to use but also intuitive. Very often, a digital transformation takes place with difficulty due to the non-acceptance of the teams of a company of the changes that it generates in this case through the integration of new software. Therefore, it is essential that these technological tools represent user-friendly solutions in terms of use, maintenance or even configuration. In short, it is a question of using software that saves time during the execution of the various tasks in addition to optimizing the operations of all the services.

The highlight of high-quality and reliable software: security. Indeed, when it comes to the field of finance, for example, the element of security relating to the protection of sensitive data takes on its full meaning. Companies must also scrutinize the smallest detail and scrutinize the work methodology of their software development provider. As such, transparency is also essential when it comes to the procedures for installing the system for protecting sensitive data.

Building on trust as an essential ingredient

An average user will tend to show skepticism and an increased need to want to understand and know the functionalities that a software can offer . Representing a mysterious and intriguing tool for humans, software must be easy to understand and use. For this purpose, it is essential to explain in the smallest details the functioning of the software process in order to establish trust between the user and the tool. This confidence also emanates from that installed in the team of developers and publishers who are responsible for creating the software. Therefore, it is of great importance that publishers demonstrate significant transparency in their development process.

With the installation of telework and in particular the development of artificial intelligence, the digital world has quite complicated relationships with trust. Software is certainly created to make everyday life, both personally and professionally, easier and more accessible, but the fact remains that ensuring trust in these tools remains somewhat complex. This is a major issue which occupies a prominent place and leads certain players on the path to a change of strategy. Moreover, over the past year, the two giants Facebook and Google have announced numerous technical developments which make it possible to establish a reconciliation between the evil of privacy and the business model whose basis is the collection of particularly confidential data.

Recently an analysis was carried out with regard to new technologies claiming more trust such as confidential computing which is based on the non-necessity of mutual trust between organizations when collaborating on data and this, thanks to a trusted secure enclave . Concretely, this means that a hospital establishment can send medical documents to the cloud of a third party in order to have them analyzed by the AI ‚Äč‚Äčalgorithm of a different supplier without these three parties each accessing the information. the other.

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