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monitoring software

The follow-up of construction sites is not established by improvisation whether it is a question of construction or real estate. Indeed, site monitoring requires a number of important skills such as planning and organization. In addition, this monitoring is done optimally thanks to the application of a precise methodology.

Site monitoring software is set up and activated in order to optimize the optimization of the supervision of construction projects in this case. They also make it possible to avoid any kind of drift or failure, to carry out quality work as well as to succeed in delivering the sites on time.

The site monitoring manager analyzes the progress of the project using tailor-made site monitoring software from the first stage of construction to the delivery of the final product, respecting both deadlines and the budget envelope.

What is site monitoring?

Site monitoring includes all the activities that ensure the smooth running of the various works throughout the period of their implementation. This is the same principle as for managing a project.

Site monitoring is based on the verification of a certain number of elements, namely: control of expenses related to the completion of the work, compliance with specifications, compliance with deadlines, and in particular the proper application environmental and safety standards.

Site monitoring is generally provided by the project managers . They must travel regularly to the sites of the site in order to review the progress of the work with the drivers of these as well as the various teams working on the site.

Meetings are then held for this purpose in order to verify the availability of the required resources and the necessary materials, the level of quality of the work completed or in progress as well as the good progress of the work according to the prefixed site schedule. .

How to monitor construction sites?

Monitoring of construction sites is done according to a process of several stages that must absolutely be respected in order to ensure the smooth running of the work.

↬ Set a site schedule: Ensuring good monitoring depends on good preparation in advance. In order to properly prepare the site, it is first important to mention its needs in the specifications while determining the work to be done. To guarantee optimal execution of site operations, a work schedule is put in place aimed in particular at structuring the work and prioritizing certain tasks, precise and rigorous monitoring of the progress of the work, and ensuring compliance with the deadlines set.

↬ Allocate the required resources: In order to guarantee the proper execution of the work, it is important to identify the resources to be mobilized, which are material, human as well as the machinery and vehicles to be used. This step is also devoted to determining the fields of action of each worker on the site, which can facilitate monitoring and increase efficiency. It is essential to ensure the proper management of materials to better meet needs.

↬ Communicate effectively: Site monitoring through supervision and monitoring of work progress requires communicating all key information with all stakeholders and through specific mechanisms. In addition, it is recommended to hold site meetings on a regular basis to facilitate communication on the progress of the work. Subsequently, establish reports that constitute monitoring tools to bring more efficiency and agility to the level of the organization of operations.

↬ Control expenses and costs: Monitoring the site also involves checking that all the expenses incurred do not exceed the initial budget envelope. To do this, it suffices to resort to mechanisms that allow the monitoring of expenditure levels accompanied by alerts in the event of overspending of the planned budget and trigger appropriate measures accordingly. The financial follow-up of the building site makes it possible to control the expenses and the costs by guaranteeing a good profitability of the project and by optimizing the margins.

↬ Comply with environmental and safety standards: There are a number of standards related to the execution of construction sites such as quality, safety and hygiene that it is essential to respect. Regular check-ups should be carried out to check that all these standards are respected and properly applied.

Why choose site monitoring software?

A well-organized contractor must be responsive in terms of site management in order to optimize the profitability of his business. To do this, it is advisable to use tailor-made site monitoring software that allows the contractor to better manage the progress of the work, in particular through control of the clocking of working hours on the site or the management of outsourcing.

Opting for site monitoring software means installing the optimization of the sales chain and that of purchases while having the possibility of making the necessary decisions in real time thanks to the provision of dashboards issued by said software. Choosing to use site monitoring software is important in view of the possibility of optimizing the various flows and effectively communicating data relating to the monitoring of site operations.

If a contractor wishes to control his margin and the profitability of his site, he has every interest in using tailor-made site monitoring software. In addition, site monitoring software offered by developers has a costing tool allowing quick and efficient establishment of quotes thanks to the integration of manufacturers’ catalogs into said software. This integration takes into account the updating of the rates and prices of the various products offered.

Carrying out site monitoring offers many essential advantages to guarantee the smooth running of the work and the efficient completion of the site. Today, it is becoming necessary to use tailor-made site monitoring software that offers good control of project management in general.

To choose the right site monitoring software, it is possible to use so-called generic project management software, but if it is a question of an increase in the load of a construction project, it becomes more interesting to call on specialized or even tailor-made site monitoring software

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